About Us

About Us

When it comes to reliable Rice, Spices, Vegetables and other essential commodities, Avinaash Impex is the name to reckon with. Since its establishment in 2015, our company has been consistently working in the industry as a trustworthy manufacturer and exporter of a variety of essential commodities. After an impressive business growth in the last two years, we are now focused on targeting South East Asian countries with international quality products and attractive packaging. We are ready to extend our business expansion in various parts of India and overseas. At present we are exporting products to Singapore, Malaysia and other countries.

Due to our constant endeavor to reach people in domestic market, we have earned the trust of hundreds of satisfied customers. We are associated with selected vendors from whom we procure quality products. The raw materials required for our products are collected, graded and processed in highly hygienic conditions. We have an advanced technology for processing and packaging of products to make it long-lasting and safe. Our packaging is an important part of our business that helps to retain the natural flavour and goodness of the products. We also carry extensive research and development programs that are intended to build our knowledge base.

Our Procurement

A curry will not taste as desired if the essence of whole spices is not there. To get the essence of cooking spices, these have to carefully harvested, processed at the right time with utmost care. Thus, our first step toward making a quality product range is to streamline our procurement procedure. We have selected some of the credible vendors in the industry. We procure products that are double checked on various quality parameters. We collect raw materials according to geographical distribution as we understand not every geographical location or climate supports the best quality products. We procure products from various parts of the country and then evaluate these raw materials on global parameter scale.

Manufacturing Procedure

All procured raw materials are thoroughly evaluated and cleaned by sieving and other methods. It is important to remove tiny pebbles, twigs and other foreign matter from the product. We use a  machine to grade our products according to the color and size, so that every packaged product is delivered with consistency in quality. After completion of roasting method, all cooking spices, especially curry powders and mixes are blended in correct position to produce a homogeneous mixture. We use automatic machinery to package the products. Packaging is an important aspect as it helps to retain the flavor and natural goodness of products for a longer period of time.

Quality Assurance

We are an export oriented company with more than 50% of our products are exported to various countries. So, we are committed to give the highest quality products to our clients. Our products are appreciated by hundreds of satisfied customers. We do not use extra ingredients or add artificial flavoring or chemicals to increase the production value or profit. We have our team of quality experts who take care of each product and priority to retain natural goodness of the products. 

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